Founded in 2004, Cooperate Srl offers a wide variety of activities in the sectors of research, strategic planning, design of multimedia tools for institutional communication and knowledge diffusion, e-learning education and training at the graduate and post-graduate levels.

Cooperate has realized over time a number of different activities related to territorial marketing, with particular attention for the development and promotion of territorial attractivity from the point of view of cultural heritage activation, of the development of turist services and hospitality (in the context of cultural districts), of landscape, natural environment, built environment, agricultural and handcraft local productions.

Cooperate has a solid field-experience in activities of stakeholders involvement, at local and over-local level: rounds of meetings on the territory, workshops with the population, workshops organized for public administration officials, workshops with local stakeholders on strategic planning issues for the development of the quality of the territory and its offer.

Cooperate has been working for a variety of public and private subjects at different territorial levels. It has been involved in many projects funded by public and private institutions such as the European Commission, Italian Ministries, Regions, Municipalities and Bank Foundations. It has also developed a wide network of relationships with institutional organizations, territorial stakeholders, NGOs and community based associations.

The society has a highly multidisciplinary profile, which allows to offer specific sets of services, ranging from preliminary studies to strategic planning, from the leading of processes of territorial marketing and local empowerment and development, to the creation of products for the communication and dissemination of information (documents, maps, websites and web platforms, videos), using of the latest ITs.

The main working fields are: territorial planning and urban design, territorial and communities resilience, disaster risk reduction, sustainable development, protection and enhancement of natural, cultural and landscape territorial heritage at local and over-local level.


The Cooperate team has been involved in a variety of EU funded projects related to the call sectors and issues:

  • ERASMUS+ “CARE – Enhancing Urban Resilience” (2017-2018)
  • DG ECHO “IDEA - Improving damage assessments to enhance cost-benefit analyses” (2015-2016)
  • HORIZON 2020 “EDUCEN – European Disasters in Urban Centre: a culture Expert Network” (2015-2017)
  • INTERREG IVC “URMA - Urban Rural partnerships in Metropolitan Areas" (2014-2015)
  • FP7 Coordination Program “KNOW4DRR - Enabling knowledge for disaster risk reduction in integration to climate change adaptation” (2013-2015)
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Other projects at the national and regional levels:

  • Fondazione Cariplo/direct funding “OPR – Observatory of Resilience Practices” (2016-2018)
  • Fondazione Cariplo/Education on sustainability call “CIVES – Citizen towards the sustainability” (2011-2012)
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  • Angela Colucci PhD

    She holds a master in Architecture and a PhD in Urban, Environmental and Territorial Planning. Since 2005 she is adjunct professor at Politecnico di Milano (Urban Design and Planning Principles) in an international master degree.

    She is Senior Partner and CEO of Co.O.Pe.Ra.Te. ldt and independent researcher (environmental and landscape planning, urban design, food planning and public realm and commons focusing on the instruments of co-design and participative and adaptive g0vernence)…

  • Giulia Pesaro PhD

    Founder, Senior Partner and Member of the Direction Board of Cooperate Srl, she is active in the field of strategic planning for enhancing a sustainable and resilient local territorial development. She holds a 4 years university degree in Economics with a specialization in Industrial Economics and a PhD In Territorial Planning and Public Policies.

Partners & Clients



  • The economic impacts of natural hazards: lessons learnt from the PDNA international damage assessment project implemented in Haiti after the earthquake of 2010 Pesaro G. (2017), in Petrillo A., Bellaviti P. (eds.) Sustainable Urban Development and Globalization, Springer [forthcoming, accepted in 2017]
  • The Resilience Practices Forum 2016. Mapping thought Resilience Practices Engagement Colucci A., Pesaro G. (2017), in Gausa M., Andriani C., Fagnoni R., International Forum MED.NET 3. RESILI(G)ENCE GOA RESILI(G)ENT CITY- Intelligent Cities / Resilient Landscapes, Ed. PAPERSDOC, Barcelona, ISBN 978-84-941264-6-8, pp. 215-222
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  • Economic Assessment of Mitigating Damage of Flood Events: Cost–Beneft Analysis of Flood-Proofng Commercial Buildings in Umbria, Italy in The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice, 2017 [forthcoming, accepted for publication on June 21 2017]
  • Participation to the technical seminar “Cambiamenti climatici e resilienza urbana, Città Metropolitana di Milano”, Palazzo Isinbardi, 11 ottobre 2017
  • Participation to the meeting “Unire le forze per l’adattamento ai cambiamenti climatici, Anci, Milano, 5 giugno 2017
  • An economic perspective and a reasoning around cost/beneft analysis for enhancing foods mitigation measures and regional resilience Pesaro G. (2017), XXXVIII Conferenza AISRE, Cagliari, 20-22 agosto 2017
  • The Contribution of the Economic Approaches for Enhancing Territorial Resilience in Practice: the Experience of the [Italian] Resilience Colucci A., Pesaro G. (2017), Practices Observatory, 57 ERSA Congress Social Progress for Resilient Regions, Groningen University, August 29 September 1 2017
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  • Observatory Of Resilience Practices: Strategies And Perspectives Dezio C., Colucci A., Magoni M., Pesaro G., Redaelli R. (2016), in Proceedings of the 1st AMSR Congress and 23rd APDR Congress. Sustainability of Territories in the Context of Global Changes , ISBN 978-989-8780-04-1
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  • Food and urban Resilience: Metropolitan area of Milano / Cibo e resilienza urbana: il caso milanese Author: Colucci A., Paper on the on-line review Menabò di Etica ed Economia (fondato da Luciano Barca), Menabò Etica ed Economia (Notes of Ethics and Economy), N. 37/2016 [ caso-milanese/]
  • Cost beneft analysis: examples of applications to the Umbria Region case nternationalWorkshop Using post-disaster damage data to enhance our capacity to recover and learn lessons together, Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Novembre 28-29 2016
  • Il ruolo dei privati e la fnanza per la resilienza Un’agenda di governo per l’adattamento al cambiamento climatico, Ferrara, Febbraio 29-20 2016
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